Food favourite: Deliciously Ella’s potato salad

Credit: (my presentation skills aren't as good!)

Credit: (my presentation skills aren’t as good!)

With such lovely weather surrounding us at the moment, finding meals to match has been a bit tricky. Whenever the warm weather hits, I find myself craving lighter meals – think salads, lots of veg and simple meats and fish.

As usual, I turned to Deliciously Ella for inspiration, and this time her potato salad fit the criteria perfectly. I coupled it with a simple baby leaf and sugar-snap pea salad and a fillet of grilled salmon.

Check out the full recipe here – I urge you all to try it!

What are your go-to summer meals? Let me know @averybusyb


Highlight of the weekend: Zurich Fest



As part of my long-weekend trip to Zurich, on Friday night I was lucky enough to soak up the atmosphere at Zurich Fest, a food, drink and cultural festival that takes place every three years in the centre of the city. Celebrating the best that Zurich has to offer, crowds of a mixture of locals and visitors swarmed the streets and happily congregated together to share their common interest.

Deciding to watch the crowds from slightly afar, I took in the delights with some wine and a delicious burger at Zurich’s famous Opera House restaurant, Restaurant Belcanto. With magnificent views over both the lake and most of the festival, I was also perfectly positioned to watch the fireworks, which was one of the best displays I have ever watched.

Overall, the festival was a big highlight for me and I’ll definitely be visiting again in three year’s time!

Were any of you there? Let me know @averybusyb

Getting in the spirit of Social Media Day (a bit late)

Ah, Social Media. I remember my first Tweet, my first Facebook status update, my first Instagram upload.
I do use social media a lot, but in all honestly, there is still so much about it that I don’t know. I’m only just scratching the surface of Pinterest, Snapchat still annoys me, and after a bit of a break I’m getting back into Twitter.

My favourites? Probably Instagram and Twitter – keeping it short and sweet.

So, to celebrate this week’s Social Media Day, here are my top five Twitter accounts:

  1. Innocent Drinks – @innocent

Just purely hilarious.

  1. Benefit UK – @BenefitUK

Funny and actually helpful with tips and tricks.

  1. Lonely Planet – @LonelyPlanet

For the traveller in me this account is great inspiration.

  1. Baking Mad – @BakingMadUK

Day dreaming over cakes and fab recipe ideas, yes please.

  1. refinery 29 – @refinery29

Because it has the best of everything.

What are your favourites? Let me know @averybusyb

Vegetarian heaven at Tibits

Have you ever been to Tibits? No? Well, I urge you to go now!

I have been before, but I have just visited a new branch that has opened up in Oerlikon, Zurich, and it was absolutely amazing. If you don’t know what Tibits is, it’s basically a vegetarian buffet style cafe/restaurant, with the option to sit in or take away. You’re charged based on how much your plate weighs.


It really is vegetarian heaven, and with two branches now open in London, there is no excuse not to give it a go.

ps. Try one of their scrumptious juices for your five-a-day in a glass!


Flying solo

I’ve never been on a plane by myself before. I’ve been on a plane with friends, family and work colleagues, but never on my own.

So today I flew to Zurich, a journey I could probably do with my eyes shut (okay, I can imagine the journey in my head but I’m not saying I can actually fly a plane), but this morning I still woke up wildly excited at the thought of flying by myself.

Given that it’s also payday, I thought the idea of spending a few hours in the airport before my flight was a fabulous idea. I thought I’d grab an early lunch, have a little browse in duty free, pick up a little gift for my Nana (who I’m visiting).

So yeah, I did all that. And it was cool. But after my third trip around the very limited selection of shops, I did have to admit that I was bored.

The flight itself was fine though, and provided the perfect opportunity to get stuck back into a book that I started reading (shamefully) a few months ago – Jodi Picoult’s Nineteen Minutes. (has anyone read it? @verybusyb).

So not all was lost – and I’ve still got the journey home to look forward to!

Why I’ll never be able to take the perfect selfie



I’ve always envied people that can look absolutely flawless in a selfie every single time. And not plastic flawless, but REAL flawless – if such a thing exists.

I can take a group selfie (a groupie? Surely not…) but when it comes to flying solo, it all seems to go downhill.

I know the rules about finding the light, holding it a bit higher than feels in any way natural, sucking in those cheeks and opening your eyes so wide that you end up looking as if something just happened that you really didn’t want to happen.

So yes, I know the rules, but still somehow it doesn’t happen. I end up looking like I’m more than slightly dazed with a sore neck from sleeping on too many cushions the night before.

Selfie sticks help, as does a good background. But I’ve accepted that (no matter how hard my friends try to teach me) I’ll just never be a master of the selfie.

To stop me giving up all hope, let me know if you have any selfie tips @averybusyb