Seven reasons I wish I was the seventh member of Friends



Like most people, I am a major Friends fan. I’ve watched each episode what seems like a million times over; so much so that I can recite some scenes word for word (don’t judge.) We’ve all been there, but I definitely wish I was the seventh member of the gang, and here are seven reasons why.

  1. They sit around and drink coffee. All day.

Drinking coffee all day with what seems like no work to do is my idea of heaven. And they don’t even have to fight anyone for a table either (well, apart from that one time) which is an added bonus.

  1. I’d like to try Monica’s cooking

Who wouldn’t? I would love to be able to try the different concoctions she makes, as well as her freshly baked cookies that she whips out at the best moments.

  1. I would have told Ross not to give up on the leather trousers

Maybe they just needed to be a little bit bigger… but I think Ross should have given them another go. Giving up after one time was too soon!

  1. They’re never bored

They always have something on the go, always seem to be having fun in some form or another and always invent hilarious games to play. That’s my kind of fun.

  1. They set some of the most iconic fashion trends

Double denim, the suit combinations, the hairstyles, crop tops and dungarees. I wish I could dress like them all the time.

  1. I’d get to meet Gunther

The sunshine-haired bundle of cuteness. I’d love to give him a cuddle and tell him that he’ll find someone better than Rachel one day.

  1. They’re always there for each other

Cheesy, but true. Who doesn’t want friends like that?

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City break essentials

I’m a major city break fan. Last year I visited Marrakech, Copenhagen, Zurich, Paris, Barcelona and Venice. I love the hustle and bustle of cities, and being able to sit back and soak up so much culture. At the time of booking, I’m always so excited. But when it comes to around a week before I’m supposed to travel, I realise how unprepared I am (and yes, I know holidays should be fun, but I’m one of those people that always needs to be prepared). So in a bid to get myself ready, and to help any of you out that are in the same boat, here is my list of city break essentials.

A portable charger

Maybe obvious, and certainly not an essential exclusive to city breaks, but a portable charger is vital for the long days and even longer nights that you’ll have on a city break as you try to cram in as much activity as possible. I have this one which lasts for DAYS and is has turned into my best companion.

A backpack

I once shunned backpacks as ugly and unpractical. I like having a bag at my side so I can easily dive into it, so having something on my back just didn’t make sense to me. I have since seen the light, and I now think that a good old backpack is a great way to save backache and to look cute and preppy at the same time.

Comfy shoes

City breaks involve a lot of walking. Like, A LOT of walking. I once made the mistake of not bringing comfy shoes and instead went for my prettiest ones, and now all I can remember of that holiday was having sore feet. Of course, you want to have pretty shoes too, so try and find some trainers (or boots if it’s winter or sandals if it’s summer) to keep your feet in tact whilst still looking cute. My favourites are these Superga trainers – they feel like slippers and look adorable.

A selfie stick

Okay, so I was going to list a camera as one of the essential things, but let’s face it, we all use our phones now. And don’t get on your high horse and say how stupid selfie sticks are, as I’ve taken some of the best scenic shots using one. It’s not just about taking selfies (although of course that’s the point), they’re also fab for getting a better angle that your arm just can’t cope with.

A lipstick for all occasions

City breaks = packing light. Therefore bringing a different lipstick for each outfit is just silly and will waste too much space. Invest in one lipstick that will go with anything and everything – you’ll thank me, I promise! You can’t go wrong with Mac – try Fabby or Matte Taupe.


Sunglasses are not just for summer. I might sound like a diva, but I do wear sunglasses quite a lot. Even if it’s not set to be sunny, I never leave the house without a pair in my bag. So, when going to another country, the same rule applies. I just bought these from Topshop which are super sassy.

A printed list of places to visit

I do like guidebooks, but sometimes they’re just SO expensive. I love researching, so before I visit a place I tend to find out everything there is to know through good old Google, and then just compile a list. One time I made the rookie error of forgetting my list, so don’t do that. I’m also not a fan of maps, as I think getting lost in a city is sometimes the most fun (as long as you have snacks or there are places along the way to get snacks), but if you’re a mapper then add that in too.

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Afternoon tea in the clouds at the Sky Lounge, Leeds

On Saturday I had the pleasure of having afternoon tea in the Sky Lounge in Leeds. Despite having a very rainy view from the top, if it would have been sunny I imagine the view would have been amazing.

If you haven’t yet been to the Sky Lounge, I definitely recommend taking a trip there! There is a range of different tables and seats available (we actually ended up trying out a few as it wasn’t busy when we first arrived there), each just as comfortable and with plenty of space to relax.

The afternoon tea itself was probably one of the best I’d had. There was a good mix of sweet and savoury delights to try out (my favourite was a small mushroom tart) and the portion sizes weren’t small at all – I left the Sky Lounge feeling full to the brim!

We also ordered a bottle of Australian white wine (funnily called The Bush Telegraph) which went very well with the food. Unfortunately we were a bit short for time, otherwise no doubt we also would have tried out one of the delicious-looking cocktails on the extensive list.

Overall, I’d definitely rate the Sky Lounge very highly and I’ll be sure to return the next time I’m in Leeds. Thank you for a lovely experience!

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7 signs I have no idea what I’m doing with my life

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who feel like they have no idea what they’re doing with their life. Unfortunately, I am one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy, settled, content, but as for the next steps? No clue.

I can’t decide whether this scares me or not. Overall, I think I’m more intrigued than scared or panicked. And at first I didn’t recognise it, but then I started picking up the signs that I have no idea at all what I’m doing with my life.

  1. I constantly change my mind

So, last week I decided I wanted to become the next Mary Berry. Now, I’m fancying the idea of going off to another country to volunteer and perhaps set up my own beach bar. I constantly change my mind from one day to the next about what I want to do, where I want to be, or even what I want to eat for dinner. It’s fine, because I don’t NEED to make any decisions right now, but really it is kind of tiring being so fickle all the time.

  1. Credit: Huffington Post

    Credit: Huffington Post

    I spend too much time watching old Sex and the City episodes

Seriously addicted, all the time. Old Friends episodes always make their way onto my TV too. Surely I should have better things to do? Apparently not…

3. I know pretty much everything on the ASOS new in section

Again, shouldn’t I have better things to do? It’s lame, I know, but I constantly check to see what they’ve added, just in case the most amazing jumpsuit, jeans, dress, shoes (or all of the above) magically appear. I then spend ages adding things to my Saved Items and organising it in order of how badly I want it… not many things ever make it into my basket.

  1. I make plans that never happen

This kind of links to the first sign and again shows how fickle I am. But I do find it hard to make any form of long-term plan, whether it’s a holiday or a goal of moving out by Christmas, because of the fact that I don’t know what I’m doing in life. It’s a vicious circle, really.

  1. I write hundreds lists to try and keep myself on track

This is to try and convince myself that I do know what I’m doing. Like “Hey, don’t worry, you’re sorted because you’ve got a list”. If only! I love writing lists though, so this isn’t as bad, but unfortunately I’ve found that there’s no correlation between having lists and being sorted.

  1. I have half-converted my car into a mobile home

I’m in no way homeless (I live at home but I do love it – most of the time) but I’ve found that more and more of my possessions seem to end up living in my car. It’s handy for when I’m in my car, but not so handy when I’m not. I feel like if I knew what I was doing in life (aka I had my own place) this wouldn’t be the case.

  1. I daydream. Constantly.

Literally constantly, and about everything. I know that’s only normal and everyone daydreams, but the variety of daydreams I have show how many different directions my mind is really going in.

So please, show me some comfort. Are there any of you out there who also have no clue what you’re doing? @averybusyb

Book review: Nineteen Minutes



Today I finally finished a book that I’ve been working my way through for months: Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.

I’m a big fan of Jodi Picoult’s writing and I love how she tells a story. I’ve read many of her books before so I was very excited to read Nineteen Minutes after quite a few people had recommended it to me.

So what did I think? Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I was disappointed. I enjoyed the twist that was thrown in at the end, I think it just took a little too long to get there. Minor hints were dropped throughout the storyline, but none that really got me hooked. For me, it lacked the ‘so what’ element that usually makes me addicted to books.

The characters were believable, although infuriating at times (but I guess that makes a good book). Josie’s Mum, Alex, in particular, drove me a bit crazy, for how long it took her to realise how much Josie needed her. I also would have liked to see a bit of the story from Matt’s point of view – I think that would have been an interesting frame of mind to explore.

I’m trying not to be negative, as overall I did like this book, and I’ll definitely continue to read more of Jodi Picoult’s books. This one though, wasn’t quite for me.

Have you read it? Let me know what you thought @averybusyb

Highlight of the weekend: Zurich Fest



As part of my long-weekend trip to Zurich, on Friday night I was lucky enough to soak up the atmosphere at Zurich Fest, a food, drink and cultural festival that takes place every three years in the centre of the city. Celebrating the best that Zurich has to offer, crowds of a mixture of locals and visitors swarmed the streets and happily congregated together to share their common interest.

Deciding to watch the crowds from slightly afar, I took in the delights with some wine and a delicious burger at Zurich’s famous Opera House restaurant, Restaurant Belcanto. With magnificent views over both the lake and most of the festival, I was also perfectly positioned to watch the fireworks, which was one of the best displays I have ever watched.

Overall, the festival was a big highlight for me and I’ll definitely be visiting again in three year’s time!

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Flying solo

I’ve never been on a plane by myself before. I’ve been on a plane with friends, family and work colleagues, but never on my own.

So today I flew to Zurich, a journey I could probably do with my eyes shut (okay, I can imagine the journey in my head but I’m not saying I can actually fly a plane), but this morning I still woke up wildly excited at the thought of flying by myself.

Given that it’s also payday, I thought the idea of spending a few hours in the airport before my flight was a fabulous idea. I thought I’d grab an early lunch, have a little browse in duty free, pick up a little gift for my Nana (who I’m visiting).

So yeah, I did all that. And it was cool. But after my third trip around the very limited selection of shops, I did have to admit that I was bored.

The flight itself was fine though, and provided the perfect opportunity to get stuck back into a book that I started reading (shamefully) a few months ago – Jodi Picoult’s Nineteen Minutes. (has anyone read it? @verybusyb).

So not all was lost – and I’ve still got the journey home to look forward to!