Seven reasons I wish I was the seventh member of Friends



Like most people, I am a major Friends fan. I’ve watched each episode what seems like a million times over; so much so that I can recite some scenes word for word (don’t judge.) We’ve all been there, but I definitely wish I was the seventh member of the gang, and here are seven reasons why.

  1. They sit around and drink coffee. All day.

Drinking coffee all day with what seems like no work to do is my idea of heaven. And they don’t even have to fight anyone for a table either (well, apart from that one time) which is an added bonus.

  1. I’d like to try Monica’s cooking

Who wouldn’t? I would love to be able to try the different concoctions she makes, as well as her freshly baked cookies that she whips out at the best moments.

  1. I would have told Ross not to give up on the leather trousers

Maybe they just needed to be a little bit bigger… but I think Ross should have given them another go. Giving up after one time was too soon!

  1. They’re never bored

They always have something on the go, always seem to be having fun in some form or another and always invent hilarious games to play. That’s my kind of fun.

  1. They set some of the most iconic fashion trends

Double denim, the suit combinations, the hairstyles, crop tops and dungarees. I wish I could dress like them all the time.

  1. I’d get to meet Gunther

The sunshine-haired bundle of cuteness. I’d love to give him a cuddle and tell him that he’ll find someone better than Rachel one day.

  1. They’re always there for each other

Cheesy, but true. Who doesn’t want friends like that?

What are your favourite Friends moments? Tweet me @averybusyb



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