City break essentials

I’m a major city break fan. Last year I visited Marrakech, Copenhagen, Zurich, Paris, Barcelona and Venice. I love the hustle and bustle of cities, and being able to sit back and soak up so much culture. At the time of booking, I’m always so excited. But when it comes to around a week before I’m supposed to travel, I realise how unprepared I am (and yes, I know holidays should be fun, but I’m one of those people that always needs to be prepared). So in a bid to get myself ready, and to help any of you out that are in the same boat, here is my list of city break essentials.

A portable charger

Maybe obvious, and certainly not an essential exclusive to city breaks, but a portable charger is vital for the long days and even longer nights that you’ll have on a city break as you try to cram in as much activity as possible. I have this one which lasts for DAYS and is has turned into my best companion.

A backpack

I once shunned backpacks as ugly and unpractical. I like having a bag at my side so I can easily dive into it, so having something on my back just didn’t make sense to me. I have since seen the light, and I now think that a good old backpack is a great way to save backache and to look cute and preppy at the same time.

Comfy shoes

City breaks involve a lot of walking. Like, A LOT of walking. I once made the mistake of not bringing comfy shoes and instead went for my prettiest ones, and now all I can remember of that holiday was having sore feet. Of course, you want to have pretty shoes too, so try and find some trainers (or boots if it’s winter or sandals if it’s summer) to keep your feet in tact whilst still looking cute. My favourites are these Superga trainers – they feel like slippers and look adorable.

A selfie stick

Okay, so I was going to list a camera as one of the essential things, but let’s face it, we all use our phones now. And don’t get on your high horse and say how stupid selfie sticks are, as I’ve taken some of the best scenic shots using one. It’s not just about taking selfies (although of course that’s the point), they’re also fab for getting a better angle that your arm just can’t cope with.

A lipstick for all occasions

City breaks = packing light. Therefore bringing a different lipstick for each outfit is just silly and will waste too much space. Invest in one lipstick that will go with anything and everything – you’ll thank me, I promise! You can’t go wrong with Mac – try Fabby or Matte Taupe.


Sunglasses are not just for summer. I might sound like a diva, but I do wear sunglasses quite a lot. Even if it’s not set to be sunny, I never leave the house without a pair in my bag. So, when going to another country, the same rule applies. I just bought these from Topshop which are super sassy.

A printed list of places to visit

I do like guidebooks, but sometimes they’re just SO expensive. I love researching, so before I visit a place I tend to find out everything there is to know through good old Google, and then just compile a list. One time I made the rookie error of forgetting my list, so don’t do that. I’m also not a fan of maps, as I think getting lost in a city is sometimes the most fun (as long as you have snacks or there are places along the way to get snacks), but if you’re a mapper then add that in too.

What are your city break essentials? Tweet me @averybusyb



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