Five reasons I love ASOS

Cheesy post alert! And no, I wasn’t paid to write this (I wish) – but I’ve realised that there are so many reasons that I love ASOS and I wanted to share them with you all (in case you need convincing).

1. ASOS Premier & A-LIST

banner-level-3This is definitely my number one reason. I’ve been an ASOS Premier customer for a few years now and the amount I save on delivery is insane! Because I know that I can always get something on ASOS for the next day if needed, it means that ASOS has quickly become my one-stop-shop for any last minute outfits, or even gifts that I need to buy. I’m also insanely impatient so getting things delivered the next day is fab (and now even on Sundays too!)

And the fact that ASOS now rewards me for shopping through their A-LIST scheme is even better. Giving me money off vouchers to say well done for shopping? Yes please – you’ve got me hooked!

2. Free (and quick) returns

Unfortunately I’m one of those people that never find anything that fits me. So being able to return things quickly and fuss-free is essential for me – and I definitely get that with ASOS. I know that if I return something I’ll have the money back in my account in (usually) one week – meaning that it’s ready to be spent all over again.

3. Customer service

I was recently sent a completely wrong order and so therefore missed out on receiving mine, with items that I’d really wanted. I was annoyed, but it’s okay, it happens. We’re all human at the end of the day. But I was impressed with how quickly my claim was seen to and sorted, I was speedily refunded and even given a cheeky discount code as a sorry. All is forgiven, ASOS.

4. Range of brands

The range of brands available on ASOS means that I always find something. Like, always. I even buy beauty products on ASOS now, which is beyond convenient. My fave additions were definitely River Island and New Look, as although the ranges aren’t always huge, it means that I can take advantage of the ASOS free delivery which is a big YAY.

5. Sales

Sales, glorious sales. Dangerous sales (as I always end up spending too much) but nevertheless glorious sales, as sometimes the discounts are too amazing to pass up. And the fact that Premier customers get an early sneak peak is fab too, so thanks ASOS pals.

How many of you are ASOS fans? Tweet me @averybusyb


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