Afternoon tea in the clouds at the Sky Lounge, Leeds

On Saturday I had the pleasure of having afternoon tea in the Sky Lounge in Leeds. Despite having a very rainy view from the top, if it would have been sunny I imagine the view would have been amazing.

If you haven’t yet been to the Sky Lounge, I definitely recommend taking a trip there! There is a range of different tables and seats available (we actually ended up trying out a few as it wasn’t busy when we first arrived there), each just as comfortable and with plenty of space to relax.

The afternoon tea itself was probably one of the best I’d had. There was a good mix of sweet and savoury delights to try out (my favourite was a small mushroom tart) and the portion sizes weren’t small at all – I left the Sky Lounge feeling full to the brim!

We also ordered a bottle of Australian white wine (funnily called The Bush Telegraph) which went very well with the food. Unfortunately we were a bit short for time, otherwise no doubt we also would have tried out one of the delicious-looking cocktails on the extensive list.

Overall, I’d definitely rate the Sky Lounge very highly and I’ll be sure to return the next time I’m in Leeds. Thank you for a lovely experience!

Where would you recommend for afternoon tea? Let me know @averybusyb


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