Getting in the spirit of Social Media Day (a bit late)

Ah, Social Media. I remember my first Tweet, my first Facebook status update, my first Instagram upload.
I do use social media a lot, but in all honestly, there is still so much about it that I don’t know. I’m only just scratching the surface of Pinterest, Snapchat still annoys me, and after a bit of a break I’m getting back into Twitter.

My favourites? Probably Instagram and Twitter – keeping it short and sweet.

So, to celebrate this week’s Social Media Day, here are my top five Twitter accounts:

  1. Innocent Drinks – @innocent

Just purely hilarious.

  1. Benefit UK – @BenefitUK

Funny and actually helpful with tips and tricks.

  1. Lonely Planet – @LonelyPlanet

For the traveller in me this account is great inspiration.

  1. Baking Mad – @BakingMadUK

Day dreaming over cakes and fab recipe ideas, yes please.

  1. refinery 29 – @refinery29

Because it has the best of everything.

What are your favourites? Let me know @averybusyb


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