Why I’ll never be able to take the perfect selfie


Credit: unsplash.com

I’ve always envied people that can look absolutely flawless in a selfie every single time. And not plastic flawless, but REAL flawless – if such a thing exists.

I can take a group selfie (a groupie? Surely not…) but when it comes to flying solo, it all seems to go downhill.

I know the rules about finding the light, holding it a bit higher than feels in any way natural, sucking in those cheeks and opening your eyes so wide that you end up looking as if something just happened that you really didn’t want to happen.

So yes, I know the rules, but still somehow it doesn’t happen. I end up looking like I’m more than slightly dazed with a sore neck from sleeping on too many cushions the night before.

Selfie sticks help, as does a good background. But I’ve accepted that (no matter how hard my friends try to teach me) I’ll just never be a master of the selfie.

To stop me giving up all hope, let me know if you have any selfie tips @averybusyb


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