Flying solo

I’ve never been on a plane by myself before. I’ve been on a plane with friends, family and work colleagues, but never on my own.

So today I flew to Zurich, a journey I could probably do with my eyes shut (okay, I can imagine the journey in my head but I’m not saying I can actually fly a plane), but this morning I still woke up wildly excited at the thought of flying by myself.

Given that it’s also payday, I thought the idea of spending a few hours in the airport before my flight was a fabulous idea. I thought I’d grab an early lunch, have a little browse in duty free, pick up a little gift for my Nana (who I’m visiting).

So yeah, I did all that. And it was cool. But after my third trip around the very limited selection of shops, I did have to admit that I was bored.

The flight itself was fine though, and provided the perfect opportunity to get stuck back into a book that I started reading (shamefully) a few months ago – Jodi Picoult’s Nineteen Minutes. (has anyone read it? @verybusyb).

So not all was lost – and I’ve still got the journey home to look forward to!


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