Happy New Year!



Happy New Year to all of my wonderful followers.

I’d like to thank you all for taking the time and interest in my blog, it means an awful lot and I hope that I can continue to interest and surprise you in the coming year!

I guess now is the time to think about a few things that I want to do and achieve in 2014, so here goes…

1) Go to a fashion forum – I always read about fashion forums in the tonnes of magazines that I read: 2014 is the year to actually go to one myself!

2) Get a job after I graduate – here’s hoping…

3) Take a short trip to Amsterdam – it’s somewhere that I’ve always wanted to visit, and as it’s my 21st Birthday this year I think a little trip is definitely in order!

4) Invest in a fashion photography book – it’s something that’s always interested me and I’d love to find out more about it

5) Get laser eye surgery – FINALLY!

6) Start writing a book – I always have ideas and random thoughts about plots and characters… this year I aim to actually get some of these ideas down on paper!

7) Subscribe to Vogue – to add to my ELLE collection!

8) Gain experience within a fashion magazine – doing anything and everything possible!

9) Raise money for charity – in 2013 I raised over £500.00 for The Stoke Association by running the Great Manchester 10K run in May. In 2014 I’m hoping to do something similar (although maybe not running, as that was a huge struggle last time…)

10) Get up to 100 followers! – you know what to do!

I wish you all a happy and successful year filled with all of the things that you love and enjoy!

averybusybee xo 



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