Happy Birthday Mum!

I just wanted to say a massive Happy Birthday to my beautiful and amazing Mum; without whom I would definitely not be the person that I am today. Not only does my Mum (somehow) manage to keep me sane when I’m on the verge of a complete (albeit dramatic and unnecessary)  breakdown, she also helps me to become stronger and wiser everyday.

With every achievement, conquer, heartbreak and disappointment, my Mum is always the first person that I want to tell. Not only is she my Mum (and a ridiculously amazing one at that), she’s also my best friend, my counsellor, my proof-reader, my book-referrer, my wine-drinking-companion, my scrabble opponent, my walking partner and, above all else, my absolute champion.

So (before this gets too soppy), I’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to my twinkling star, my rock, my M.

I love you to the moon and back and million times over!

Cheetah mother with her 8 week old cub-762015


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