Rihanna’s Last Collection for River Island


Rihanna’s last collection for River Island will land in stores on 7th November this year. The winter collection is timed perfectly for Christmas and New Year holiday celebrations and features plenty of black and gold to see you through the season. You’ll see fabrics such as leather and velvet (of course – which winter collection doesn’t feature velvet these days?) and patterns such as tartan (horray!), foil (imagine the stuff that the Queen’s turkey would be wrapped in…) and deep winter florals. And we can’t forget the fur cossack hat featured in cream and black that will keep your head nice and toasty as the weather gets colder! Rihanna’s final collection features her staple masculine edge; don’t be surprised when you see low waistlines and baggy jumpsuits.

So, if that hasn’t made you excited, then take a look at the Winter Collection Campaign Film, and have a look at the images below…

river-island-shot-05-006 river-island-shot-07-014 river-island-shot-15-104 river-island-shot-16-147 river-island-shot-18-052

(All images from www.refinery29.com)



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