DIY: Make Your Own Lace Vintage Cushion

I’ve always liked the idea of having home-made things; I like it when things are one of a kind and not completely perfect-looking. I’ve made a few things before (such as little trinket boxes and photo frames), but thought that this time I’d attempt to make a cushion. Now, I know that I’ve cheated a little bit, as I’ve only decorated a cushion cover instead of making it from scratch –  but I thought that I wouldn’t be overly ambitious for my first time in case it didn’t turn out as I had planned. So, here’s a step-by-step account of how I made it, enjoy!

I bought a plain cushion cover from IKEA for £3 as my base which just has a plain zip fastening straight along the top of the cover.

Plain cushion cover, IKEA £3

Plain cushion cover, IKEA £3

For the background of the cushion, I visited the John Lewis material scrap box in the Haberdashery section and picked up cream-lace material for £2, big enough to cover both sides of the cushion.

Lace material, John Lewis £2

Lace material, John Lewis £2

For the decoration material, I bought a heap of material squares from a seller on eBay in different shades of blue and with different patterns.

Material squares, eBay

Material squares, eBay

The pink wide ribbon that I’ve used for two edges of the cushion are scraps that I’ve saved from different packaging, but have a look on eBay and I’m sure you’ll find something similar at a low price!

So, I started off by sewing the lace material over both sides of the cushion cover. The colour is the same as the original base of the cushion cover, so I only put the lace on to add texture and to give it a vintage feel.

I then used two different sized heart stencils that I made a while ago (get a plain piece of paper, fold it in half and draw a half-heart shape on one side, then cut that out and unfold the paper) to cut out nine large hearts and four small hearts from blue floral material. photo 22

Once I’d done this, I experimented with different layouts of the hearts by laying them out in different styles (if you don’t like how I’ve done it then have a go at creating your own design!), and once I’d decided on a layout I pinned them in place. Using white thread, I then sewed each heart into place. photo 42

photo 3Finally, I sewed the wide pink ribbon down either side of the cushion. I did this mainly to inject another colour into the cushion, as I have a few pink things in my room so I wanted to tie it all in together.

Finished cushion!

Finished cushion!



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