Miley Cyrus Naked on her Rolling Stone Cover… too far?

I’m sure by now most people have seen her raunchy (and frankly weird) performance on the VMA’s a few weeks ago involving the inappropriate use of a foam finger (if not, then watch it here), and although there were mixed opinions about it I think that most people agreed that she’d gone too far.

Now Miley’s gone one step further as she poses naked for the front of a Rolling Stone magazine cover. Demonstrating her obsession with sticking her tongue out, Miley shows off her new tattoo as she poses naked at the side of a pool, sparking even more controversy around the once-loved Disney star.

But does Miley care? Definitely not. And with this, she seems to have got it right: even though I personally dislike her (by “her”, I mean the side of her that she shows to the public), I’m still intrigued to see what she does next!


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