Isabel Marant For H&M Collection: My favourite pieces!

The H&M Collection by Isabel Marant was leaked yesterday, and I absolutely adore it! I love how it’s not just one particular style but manages to incorporate elegance with street-wear with both a masculine and feminine edge at the same time. The question is… how? Usually, collections that try to put too many different styles together end in disaster – but somehow this works. Here’s a few of my favourite pieces from the leaked collection that I just can’t wait to get my hands on! (Source:

Coat, £99.99  (source:

Coat, £99.99 (source:

Dress, £69.99 (source:

Jumper, £69.99 (source:

Leather Trousers, £179.99 (source:

Scarf, £24.99 (source:

Silk Trousers, £59.99

Silk Trousers, £59.99 (source:


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