Fashion Goes Digital

It seems that the fashion industry has caught on to the interactive marketing trend, which is only right as it is an extremely fast-paced industry. As London Fashion Week is in full swing, Topshop has used every tool in the box to get every fashion-follower on the edge of their seats as they wait for the Topshop Unique SS14 trends to be revealed.

It started with a video on their Youtube channel called “Let the Clothes do the Talking” which detailed the different ways that people can get involved: Chirp and Twitter being the two main interactive methods of choice. The Topshop Chirp feed allows users to post photos of the clothes on the runway directly onto their twitter feed as they’re being shown, whilst the Twitter campaign “Fashion Tweet Off” allows tweeters to tweet a review of the show for a chance to win front row tickets for next seasons show (AW14). Not only this, but there’s also a chance to choose which playlist to listen to, ensuring that our ears are just as engaged as our eyes, and the Topshop website lets people stream the show, “customise the catwalk” and “shoot the show” if they want to get really involved! Even better, Topshop made good use of Google+ last season at the Topshop Unique AW13 show with Model Cam, where for the first time ever the show could be seen from the models eyes, and not just the photographers. (watch this video to learn more, and see Google+ in action).

Should we be surprised? Probably not, as the fashion industry is growing so quickly that brands and designers needed something extra to give them that competitive edge. Every interactive element that is being used by the fashion industry is helping fashion to become more accessible to everyone; the industry is becoming less exclusive and a lot more readily available. I’m definitely excited to see what the future holds for the fashion industry, and there will undoubtedly be an even heavier influence of digital marketing in next seasons’ AW14 shows.


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