Alexa Chung is IT

Alexa Chung with new book 'It' [Image sourced from]

Alexa Chung with new book ‘It’
[Image sourced from

Alexa has been one of my fashion favourites for a long time now, and it seems that a lot of people agree. Not only is she a frequent visitor of the Front Row for fashion shows all over the world, she’s also inspired Mulberry’s must have ‘Alexa’ bag, topped Vogue’s list for the most stylish women, frequently writes for and is featured in both British Vogue and and has now written her own book: It.

Described by Alexa to as an “image-heavy autobiography”, the book – released last week – gives readers an insight into Alexa’s stylish world, including style advice, her fashion inspirations, and humorous guidance on how to “master the art of the self-portrait” (or as it’s more commonly know, the “selfie”).

Some may say that the book has too many photos and drawings and not enough words; it’s likely that these people are not Alexa mega-fans such as myself. In my eyes Alexa can do no wrong, as it’s her casual attitude to both fashion and life itself that makes her so easy to relate to. Are thousands of people going to run out and by this book just because it’s written by their favourite It-Girl, without thinking about other books that may be out there that contain stronger advice and style tips? Possibly. But those other books aren’t written by Alexa, and I know that this particular book is going to be a definite favourite of mine this winter.

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