The Next Step

As I’m about to enter into my third and final year at University there’s only one thing on my mind: jobs. Everyone keeps telling me that this last year of studying is the most important, and although I know that, right now my brain isn’t focussing on the nine or so months ahead of me but the big dark cloud at the end of it – the time when I’ll have to get a job.

Now, I’ve done my research. I know that there’s lots of graduate schemes out there that I could apply to that would get me onto the career ladder within a successful company and help me to learn and grow. But the problem with these schemes is the amount of steps and tests that you have to go through to get them. Whilst I realise that companies do this to ensure that they only get the best of the best, it doesn’t scare me any less. The academic year hasn’t even started yet and I’ve already applied to two schemes, one of which I failed at the first hurdle, and the other of which I’ve successfully passed the first three stages (application form, verbal reasoning test and numerical reasoning test) and am waiting to hear what’s going to happen next.

But now this gets me thinking – do I even want to enter into a graduate scheme? Or do I want an ‘ordinary’ job, starting way at the bottom and working my way up? Some might argue that the latter route means that there was no point in me studying for a degree in the first place, but I’m not so sure. And there’s another question: small company or big company? The former would be less intimidating, but would the latter offer more opportunities for growth? I guess I’ve got a lot to think about!


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