The Beckham Clan

Okay, so there’s one famous family that pretty much epitomises the phrase “household name”. Whether you love David for his football or his boxers (ooh-er), and whether you’re a fan of Victoria’s Spice Girl days or her new role as designer and fashion icon, it’s most likely that most people adore at least one member of the Beckham family for one reason or another. Yes, it’s true: we’re all insanely jealous too – but not without cause! Suggested as one of the richest and most successful couples, it’s no wonder that we watch the family through the papers and celebrity gossip magazines with more than a touch of the green-eyed monster.

However, when recent photos emerged of David with new daughter Harper at Victoria’s SS14 show for New York Fashion Week, all Beckham lovers couldn’t help but fall in love even more. Father and daughter were pictured together on the front row of Victoria’s show, causing even Anna Wintour to smile at them with adoration.  Luckily, despite the appearance of her gorgeous daughter, the spotlight was not taken away from VB’s Spring/Summer collection – which definitely didn’t disappoint. The collection was all about shape, but not as one might expect from Mrs Beckham. Although the usual tailoring and structure was featured throughout the collection there was also a very relaxing element: loose, ruffled cocoon shapes were smoothly slotted in amongst the usual styles which made the whole collection look not only sharp but showed us just why we love Victoria Beckham.


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